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Oct 02, 2007 at 09:51 PM

Duplex Printing and subreports.....


My report consists of a Main report which contains a header page and 3 sub reports. I need this report to print in full duplex mode however I am having page break issue BETWEEN the sub reports. The sub reports each individually handle duplexing themselves but when you move for one sub report to the next it does not break correctly.

For example:

1) I need the header page to print on it own sheet of paper. Currently "sub report A" prints on the back of the header page.

2) If "sub report B" finishes on the back of a sheet of paper everything works out well. But if "sub report B" finishes on the front page of a sheet of paper I need "sub report C" to start on the next piece of paper however it prints on the back of the sheet that B finished on.

I tried using (PageNumber MOD 2) = 1 or 0 to determine if the page is odd or even. This was effective internal to the sub reports but does not seem to work when transitioning between sub reports.

Is it possible to force a page break between the sub reports?


I Figure out how to do this finally.... In the Main report insert blank "report footers" between each subreport to get the extra page break. Use the section expert and for each blank "report footer" check the new page before box. (Do not suppress this section for any reason or you will loose the page break you were trying to create) Then handle the Duplexing for each subreport internal to the sub report by using (PageNumber MOD 2) = 0 or Remainder(PageNumber,2) = 0 these are equivalent expression.