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Aug 10, 2007 at 09:58 PM

Problems linking tables - strange behaviour



I'm looking for some help!

I'm designing a report that prints one of our standard forms with the relevant information and tick boxes already sorted, so the person receiving the forms just needs to check and sign.

I'm adding sub reports for each option due to the way the data is stored.

I have a lookup table, called "Strategic_Objectives" which is similar to:

Strategic Objective ID

Strategic Objective Name

Sample data (Id, name):

1 Enjoy & Achieve

2 Stay Safe

This data is then linked to the project_strategic_objective table and stored as:



Sample data: (project id, objective id):

1 1

1 2

2 2

What I want to do is list all of the lookup values and put a marker against those lookup values that have been chosen. So for project 1 above, this would put a tick next to Both "Enjoy & Achieve" and "Stay Safe".

I've tried enforcing links, left outer joins etc... but I can't find a way of it bringing through every value in the lookup table and then bringing through the matching records in the project table and leaving the null values where there isn't a match.

I'm presuming this is something to do with how Crystal handles null's?

Any help greatly appreciated!