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Apr 04, 2007 at 10:02 AM

Unable to run report using Stored procedure and JRC API



We are running crystal report from our web application using teh JRC API. For performances concerns, we decided to use a Stored Procedure, but we can not make it run from the web appilcation, because we are getting this error:

The QE parameter field '''' could not be found.

All the parameters are teh same thna when we were using connection to normal tables, so we know that the parameters values are populated just fine in the reportSource passed to the reportPageViewer. (I double check in debug mode, and I'm sure the value are populated).

I know also that there is no issue with the connectio, because when we tested a dummy report, which ddin't use any paarmeters but were using a stored procedure, I could get the results in my application.

Any idea, why this is not working ? Also, I can not figure out what the error message mean.

Just another precisiopn, the Stored procedure is a Sybase Object in the crystal report, and not a 'Add Command'. I'm not sure what the difference are? Is i sthe reason why I'm getting the error.

Any idea, help will be really appreciated.