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Mar 16, 2007 at 08:10 AM

Select Expert not showing all records.


<p>Alright, forgive me if I&#39;m asking a relatively noobish question, my experience with Crystal Reports is fairly limited, although I&#39;m no stranger to SQL and queries and the like.</p><p>I&#39;m having a very frustrating problem - I&#39;m trying to generate a report that&#39;s querying a handful of random Access tables. In theory, this report should be able to pull out all the necessary information I need to generate it using only one Select criteria, which is the SalesOrderID in the Master Sales Order table.</p><p>If I look at this table in the Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager, there&#39;s one row for every Sales Order ID ranging all the way up to about 36000. For some reason, when I tell Crystal to try and find the Sales Order ID that I&#39;m looking for, it&#39;s not even listed. If I change the formula to query for SPECIFICALLY the Sales Order ID that I&#39;m trying to use, the whole report just comes up blank.</p><p>To give another idea, I made another report not too long ago to generate a newly designed Purchase Order, and luckily all this information is a bit more centralized, so if I told it to find just one single Purchase Order ID, it successfully built the entire PO using just that one number. But even THEN, it couldn&#39;t find some PO IDs, even though they&#39;re right there in the database. If I looked at the table querying all rows, it&#39;ll show PO10000, 10001, 10002, etc, all in order. If I ask Crystal Reports to look at the table with the Select Expert, it&#39;ll show me something like PO10000, PO10023, PO10047, just randomly skipping large blocks. Any idea why this is happening? Any particular piece of documentation or a tutorial you can point me in the direction of that might explain this? Thanks much. <br /></p>