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Feb 16, 2007 at 07:08 PM

Hierarchical XML DataSource


<p>I am evaluating CR XI for use with web services.</p><p>Is there a simple tutorial anywhere explaining how to design a report based on hierarchical data ?</p><p>I need to display some stickers based on XML laid out that way:</p> <pre><report><br /> <sticker name="abc" destination="somewhere"> <br /> <feature name="feat. 1"/><br /> <feature name="feat. 2"/><br /> <feature name="feat. 3"/><br /> </sticker><br /> <sticker name="def" destination="anywhere"> <br /> <feature name="feat. 1"/><br /> <feature name="feat. 4"/><br /> </sticker><br /> ... <br /></report> <br /></pre><p>My report would be composed of N pages representing each <sticker> block with all its features displayed.</p><p>I am trying to create a sub-report for the features display, but this subreport fetches all the features of all the stickers...</p><p>Thank you for your help...</p>