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Jan 08, 2007 at 11:37 AM

Formula Field which refers to another Formula Field


<p><font face="tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif ">I have several string formula fields; which test data columns to create extended strings. I need to then combine 2 or more of the existing formula fields into a new variable/field/formula field. eg.</font></p><p>Global stringVar T_1;<br />if {vw_name.COLUMN1} = "FEMALE"<br />then<br /> T_1 := "HEN"<br />else<br /> T_1 := ""</p><p>Global stringVar T_2;<br />if {vw_name.COLUMN2} = "CHICKEN"<br />then<br /> T_2 := "EGG"<br />else<br /> T_2 := ""</p><p>I wish to create a third field/formula field which merges T_1 and T_2 (T_3 = HEN EGG)without needing to re-evaluate each ie.</p><p>Global stringVar T_3 = (T_1 + " " + T_2)</p><p>I see many instances within the help notes that state a formual can be referenced within another; I am simply not sure how.</p><p>Thanks in Advance.</p>