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Former Member
Dec 19, 2006 at 03:36 AM

Simple Calculation seems to go bad.


<p>I have sub report that reads record - each record ends up with a calculated answer that i move to <strong>Shared NumberVar XTemp</strong>. On the main report, I display that answer in detail line A. Seems good so far.</p><p> On Detail Line B I have a formula field that had a defined varable - <strong>Shared NumberVar TTemp</strong>. I have a calulation then after the defined variable that is the following</p><p><strong>TTemp:=TTemp+XTemp;</strong></p><p> That&#39;s where we go wrong. it wants to double everything. If XTemp is 20, I get 40 in that calculation.</p><p>basically I want a running total but I can&#39;t use the running total function since they are variables. Any suggestions?</p><p>I&#39;m using CR XI</p>