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Oct 16, 2006 at 09:17 PM

WebElements 2.0 with report instances


<p>Hi all, first i&#39;d like to thank to authors of this community site, it&#39;s really usefull. </p><p>Now the question. I have a crystal report with WebElements 2.0 included. Report is deployed on CRXIr2 server (using jsp) and can be viewed in InfoView. I&#39;ve got some drilldown menu - multiple WESelects with WESubmitLink for hyperlink creation to update grouping of report (based on sample Turnover Drilldown from webelementssamples). Dynamic grouping is working very nice, but we want users to access just instances of reports, not on-demand reports. It seems that WESubmitLink (using WETargetPath for URL creation) is working only with on-demand reports in repository, not with saved instances. So is there any way to make URL, that will open (and pass parameters) for example latest successful instance of report? </p><p>Now i can open instance of report in InfoView and when i click ">> Update" on it, it is trying to refresh the report from database (making on-demand report, not loading choosen instance)</p><p>Used WE functions:</p><p>WESubmitLink(">> Update", {@path}, font) </p><p>@path = WETargetPath("rpt","Name","Test","") </p><p>Thanx </p>