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Oct 13, 2006 at 09:06 PM

trying to break out by week instead of dates with in the week


<p>I have issues that are catagorized by severity. What i need to do is this. I need to understand the mean time between issues. My formula for that works perfect for doing that. It&#39;s grouped by create date of weekly. the group name in this case is the group 2 level.</p><p>If GroupName ({SPRT_Issue.Internal_Severity}) > ""<br />Then<br />ToText<br />(<br />(<br />Maximum ({SPRT_Issue.Create_Date}, {SPRT_Issue.Internal_Severity})<br />- <br />Minimum ({SPRT_Issue.Create_Date}, {SPRT_Issue.Internal_Severity})<br />)<br />*24<br />/Count ({SPRT_Issue.Create_Date}, {SPRT_Issue.Internal_Severity})<br />)<br />Else<br />"N/A"</p><p>&#160;</p><p>I really need to do is instead of saying give me the first "create date of the issue" (meaning if the first issue occurs on thrusday of that week then start the clock) I really need it to say for the whole week period, no matter when the first issue actually happens, give me the mean time between issue. It&#39;s slight distinction between mean time between actiual issues and mean time between issue in a given block of time - in this case weekly.</p><p>I tried putting in "weekly" on the date field but either I&#39;m missing a paren somewhere or it gives me error about needing to be a number and so on. I know it&#39;s something simple but I just can&#39;t see it right now. </p><p>thanks</p><p>&#160;</p><p>&#160;</p>