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Oct 13, 2006 at 01:08 AM

extremely slow Crystal Reports environment


<p>Hi there, I need help with my Crystal Reports environment, please!</p><p>While developing a report I&#39;ve noticed that everything is achieved with great slowness. Even right click menu shows up only after a couple of seconds. It takes more then that to select multiple objects and just simply drug them around a screen (depending on quantity of objects). I&#39;ve observed also that CPU usage spikes to 100% and the process that contributes to that spike is crw32 (I have 1G RAM). Other developer&#39;s computer handles the same report with much greater speed (his computer has similar hardware specifications and has same installation of Crystal). Conventional remedies, like rebooting, defragmenting..., didn&#39;t result in much. It wasn&#39;t always like that.... ?????</p><p>At least a hint on where to dig will be greatly appreciated :)</p><p>Thanks in advance.</p><p>Best regards. Nadya R.</p>