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Apr 08, 2008 at 06:13 PM Unexpected error determining relative path---- Error code:-21472173


I used Export option to create .war file for Crystal web Project with Export source code option ticked, and destination as tomcat/webapps folder. When I use the url; http://localhost:8181/VantageTestReport/CrystalReport1-viewer.jsp , Iget relative path error. Unexpected error determining relative path---- Error code:-2147217395 Error code name:serverProgrammingError

re portruns properly in CR4E IDE with Run to Server option. I have reomved the reportlocation tag from CRConfig.xml file and moved the CrystalReport1.rpt file from tomcat/webapps/VantageTestReport folder to wEB-Inf/classes folder.

Any other setting required? Please help, its urgent as i am evaluating CR4E for integration with our product