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Nov 23, 2007 at 05:07 AM

Help needed how to get the eclipse integrated Tomcat get booted at system startup



I'm an absolute eclipse/tomcat/java/J*-newbee, except for the fact, that I have generated several reports without a viewer-interaction by programming a server-side-printing solution. Now I have the problem, that every time, I close eclipse (the all-in-on-solution of CR4E), the tomcat goes down and I will not have the possibility to get my reports, when I trigger them via curl.

Perhaps my background is too thin and I have to read lot more basics, but the tomcat-behaviour in CR4E is completly confusing to me. On one handside, there is a tomcat configuration to be done when creating a new project (which I have done using the location of the prior installed Tomcat5.5), on the other handside there is no possibility to start tomcat from within eclipse, when the prior installed tomcat has been started prior to the eclipse-start.

Does CR4E have a complete internal tomcat-solution and how can I get this one running at system startup without logging in?

Thanks in advance,