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Feb 12, 2007 at 01:37 PM

POJO Data Source where POJO includes reference to another POJO


<p>All of the samples and webinars I have seen that deal with using a POJO as a data source, use a POJO that includes int, String, or Date fields. Suppose you have an OrderItem class, which contains a product (class Product) and numOrdered (type int). The Product class has a description and so forth. Is it possible to use both POJOs in the report? For example, can you link the two classes together? In the demos I&#39;ve seen, one POJO is dragged to the report, then a productId is linked to a column in a database table. We want to design reports that are database-independent, so we would like to use POJOs. Also, can you use POJOs in reports outside of Crystal Reports for Eclipse?</p>