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Jan 27, 2007 at 01:18 AM

Strange behaviour with UFL and subreport within a report


<p>We are using Crystal Reports for Eclipse and our report template uses UFLs for localizing strings. It also uses a subreport in the report.</p><p>We are noticing the following behaviour with localizing strings:</p><p>1. Initially the localized string is pulled in correctly when we click the preview button on the template</p><p>2. If we modify the value of the key in the resource bundle, jar up the UFL crystal reports project, clean all the projects, open the report template, and then do a preview we are still seeing the previous value and do not see the modified value.</p><p>3. We then remove the formula from the layout of the template (not from the formulas list) and then put it back in the layout and then preview the report. This time around we see the modified text value.</p><p>A similar behavious is seen with the subreport:</p><p>1. We have a subreport in the report template an everything comes in fine</p><p>2. We modify the subreport and save</p><p>3. Go back to the main report but do not see the changes. We have to re-import the subreport in order to see the changes made in sub report.</p><p> Seems like any changes to the subreport or changes to the resource bundle entries should be picked up automatically and this is not being done. We only pick up the changes iff we re-import the subreport and re-specify the localize function in the report layout. It would not be practically possible to do this for every report in our system when the resource bundle entries get updated or sub reports change. </p><p>Is this an issue with the eclipse plugin or Crystal Reports for Eclipse? Is there an automatic way in which such changes can be recognized by the report template?</p>