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Aug 23, 2006 at 04:44 PM

Accessing ODBC Databases


<p>Is it possible to report against an ODBC datasource (e.g., Microsoft Access) using CR4Eclipse?</p><p>We have a Java application (i.e., thick client) that attaches to different databases (Access or PostgreSQL) depending on the user&#39;s environment. In the past we have used the Crystal .NET runtime and an ODBC (RDO) database type connection. The application connected to the database via JDBC (the ODBC bridge in the case of Access) and Crystal used an ODBC Data Source which was dynamically defined by the application.</p><p>The CR4Eclipse report designer doesn&#39;t seem to work with the JDBC-ODBC bridge and Microsoft Access as it shows no schemas in the Database Explorer view.</p><p>Using the ReportViewer JAR as documented in the white paper on thick client deployment with the original ".rpt" file as used in the .NET deployment throws an error about being unable to find a JNDI data source with the name of the ODBC data source.</p><p>Ideally we want to run the reports in a pure Java environment. However, some of our user&#39;s will be using Crystal Reports Developer (version 10 at present) and we don&#39;t really want to try and move them to Eclipse. Yet we want to use those report definitions without alteration if possible.</p><p>Our current environment works pretty well but ongoing integration between Java and .NET runtime for deployment is not ideal.</p><p>Main question is "How do we report against a Microsoft Access database" using CR4Eclipse ???</p>