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Jun 07, 2008 at 04:29 PM



Hello SDN Experts.

Our current Production Environment is running in Distributed Installation on

IBM System P5 570 Servers AIX ver 5.2, each node is running two Applications: SAP ERP 2005 SR1 (ABAP + JAVA) and CSS. (Customer Service System)

Node One

u2022 SAP Application (Central Instance, Central Services)

u2022 Oracle 9i Instance for CSS Application.

Node Two.

u2022 Oracle 10G Instance for SAP Application

u2022 CSS Application.

To improve performance we are planning to create a new LPAR for SAP.

According to the IBM HW Partner LPAR is logically isolated with different HW/SW resource(CPU/Memory /Disk resource, IP/hostname/mount point)...

Additionally we are planning to implement HACMP ver 5.2 on both nodes, we do not want to use ORACLE RAC 10G because it will implies to buy a new ORACLE RAC license. I have the following questions:


1) Is it true that once a system is already installed and running in production that it is very difficult to implement HACMP?

2)Can we use JFS (journaled file systems) with HACMP for SAP ERP 2005 and Oracle 10 G ? according to SAP ERP 2005 SR1 ABAP + Java on AIX : Oracle Page 28.

3) Must we need to use GPFS ver 2.3 + HACMP 5L according

SAP Note: 527843 - Oracle RAC support in the SAP environment.

We want to use HACMP 5L instead of ORACLE RAC 10.2.

Thanks for your comments.