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Jun 07, 2008 at 03:37 AM

No Acc. Doc generated after Post Good Issue - please help!


Hi All,

I try to post good issue in IDES system, the accounting doc doesn't generated.

I have created SO, (Order type - OR, item category - TAB, Schedule Line cat - CB), created PO after the purchase requisition was generated in the SO. processed good receipt and created outbound delivery, everything is fine until post good issue, there is no Acc. Doc created automatically after PGI.

I have check the following setting

material type attribute setting - ok (standard price control, val.update, qty update)

valuation level - ok (valuation area is plant)

valuation grouping code - ok (activated)

valuation areas assigned to the valuation grouping code - ok

valuation class(s) is linked to material type(s) vis acc. cat. ref. - ok

accout grouping for movement type - ok (leave it as default)

configure auto posting - ok (I have run the simulation test, and created the missing G/L acc in the company code which under testing)

The WL Acc Doc type is defined and assigned with number range.

material and accounting period are open

In Purchase order, the purchase item assigned with Acc Assignment Category E, Special Stock is E, Consumption Posting set in Acc Assignment Category is E, Acc Modification is VAY, GR non-valuated and GR non-val. binding checkboxes are deselected.

I know the Acc Assignment Cate will affect the auto acc posting in GR, but I am not sure it will affect PGI in the same way.

Could anyone tell me which value string will be using for this auto acc posting for PGI? My best guess is

MvT S val. update, qty update Mvt Cns

601 E YES YES L ?

Could anyone tell me what cause the Acc Doc not be generated after PGI?

Thanks for your time