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Jun 06, 2008 at 07:14 PM

Problem facing in sender file adapter


Hi XI gurus,

I am facing a problem in sender file adapter communcation channel

Is there any restriction in XI that XI picks max of 100 at a time .

Actaully probolem here is My XI sender file adapter need to pick 2800 file from ftp.

adapter need to file pick files ranging SAP_OUT_066581_280_INV.xml to SAP_OUT_SZ22TXN066581_2800_INV.xml

to pick these we have given file name as u201CSAP_OUT_*_INV.xmlu201D when ever given this XI is coming with no messges.

when ever file name is given as SAP_OUT_SZ22TXN066581_3*_INV.xml it XI has picked file from 300 to 399

when eve tried with the options to pick all the message

SAP_OUT_SZ22TXN066581_*_INV.xml Failed with no messaege

even atleast tried to pick 1000 mesaanges from 1000 to 1999

i have given like this

SAP_OUT_SZ22TXN066581_1*_INV.xml failed with no messages

while trying with option xi picking file max 100 at a time




like this I am increaing the number and picking maximum of 100 messages only

Is there any way to auto mate this or nny file names need to be required

waiting for your reply