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Jun 06, 2008 at 06:51 PM

Help... FM-BCS.


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Hi all, I need your help.

Iu2019m going to participate in a FM-BCS Project where the client has release 4.0 at this moment and it doesnu2019t matter to him to lose all the historical data that it has of budget in order to incorporate the BCS tool at his enterprise in release 6.0. The client basically wants to clean up all data, tables of Funds Management because the actual FM that uses has much information that generates many issues.

Iu2019ve researched and I understand that will affect the fact to erase and to eliminate all data, tables of Funds Management. Can I deactivate FM completely??? Because I can deactivate and then activate again with new release but data continues existing with the same issues.

Or I do it at 4.0, then the upgrade and then I make the implementation again of FM with BCS. I really donu2019 t know, what can I do??? Which suggestion all of you can do in such situation???

Iu2019d be very grateful for your help.