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Jun 06, 2008 at 02:57 PM

Remove /irj/ from Portal URL link permanently!


Hi experts,

yes i know....this topic looks very familary to most of you. Even you might think this is very basic ...but i must confes i didn't find any thing which exactly fits my problem. I am sure for you experts it is a very easy question, so please could you also give me an answer ? 😊 This would be great...

I am searching for a solution at the sdn as well at the visual admin and config tool for quite a long time (serval days) but without the glory success...

My system looks like this: We are using an Enterprise Portal 7.0 with SP 14 (quite up to date 😊 )

Okay here is my "easy" question:

Of course as you know the standard portal URL is something like this


GOAL: Now i want to remove the "IRJ" part from this URL.

I already figured out, how i can modify the Ports at the portal

->visual admin -> http provider ->ports

and i found out how to add aliases for the gateway..

-> visual admin -> Web Container -> irj OR the web.xml file at the ...\examples\root folder

so that my URL looks like this now :

http://myportal/irj/mybusiness BUT i couldn't remove the irj part.

So if you ask me how should the Url look like i would answer :

i love to have the url like this: http://myportal/mybusiness

How can i do this? Or even just http://myportal

I don't want to see the irj part at any time at the browser address!

So my requirement is to provide an Url without the "irj/" part ... and without using an extra web dispatcher or reserve proxy. I just want to make this, if possible, the easiest way (most SAP standard) as possible...

I also investigated at the topic "virtual host" but this doesn't seem to solve my problem ...or?

I think basically i will need an alias for the application "irj" , what do you think?

Can anybody give me thie final hint? Or even a short descripton how to solve this?

Any help is more than welcome!!!

Of course i will reward points... so any help out there?

Beste regards

Your Stefan