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Jun 06, 2008 at 12:53 PM

Snapshot Backups on HP EVA SAN


Hi everyone,

We are implementing a new HP EVA SAN for our SAP MaxDB Wintel environment. As part of the SAN setup we will be utilising the EVAs snapshot technology to perform a nightly backup.

Currently HP Data Protector does not support MaxDB for its "Zero Downtime Backup" concept (ZDB), thus we need to perform LUN snapshots using the EVAs native commands. ZDB would have been nice as it integrates into SAP and lets the DB/SAP know when a snapshot backup has occurred. However as I mentioned this feature is not available on MaxDB (only SAP on Oracle).

We are aware that SAP supports snapshots on external storage devices as stated in OSS notes 371247 and 616814.

To perform the snapshot we would do something similar (if not exactly) like note 616814 describes as below:

To create the split mirror or snapshot, proceed as follows:

dbmcli -d <database_name> -u < dbm_user>,<password>

util_connect < dbm_user>,<password>

util_execute suspend logwriter

==> Create the snapshot on the EVA

util_execute resume logwriter



Obviously MaxDB and SAP are unaware that a "backup" has been performed. This poses a couple of issues that I would like to see if anyone has a solution too.

a. To enable automatic log backup MaxDB must know that it has first completed a "full" backup. Is it possible to have MaxDB be aware that a snapshot backup has been taken of the database, thus allowing us to enable automatic log backup?

b. SAP also likes to know its been backed up also. Earlywatch Alert reports start to get a little upset when you don't perform a backup on the system for awhile.

Also DB12 will mention that the system isn't in a recoverable state, when in fact it is. Any work arounds available here?