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Jun 06, 2008 at 12:35 PM

WM-PP interface process


Hi Gurus

I need your help. It is a basic question but....

I am implementing the WM-PP interface. One production order per process(machine).

1- I configured the system to create a transfer requirement by the time the production order is released.

2- My PP colleague created a production order and the TR was created. I manually created the transfer order and confirmed it. Now the material is in the storage type 100 and in the bin with the production order number (dynamic bin).

My questions are:

1- where/how the production supply area is used?

2-I want to create a bin in the beginning of the process (machine). Would this bin be in reality, a production supply area?

3-How the final product can be automatically put into WM?

4- can anyone summarize the steps for the WM-PP interface?

Thanks in advanced for those that kindly are willing to help.