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Jun 06, 2008 at 09:32 AM

Deleted requests from PSA & missing records


Hi experts,

I'm working with BI 7 but with a 3.x workflow

(datasource -> infosource -> dso with DELTA infopackage of the datasource which loads datas on PSA and directly on DSO).

A process chain is used to launch infopackage (which loads PSA and DSO) and to activate datas in the DSO.

The last requet of the PSA was wrong with no data in PSA and the request before this wrong request was too wrong because the DSO was not good activated.

So :

- 30.05.2008 : request in error in PSA with 0 datas

- 23.05.2008 : request in error in PSA because of bad activation of DSO with 1.000.000 records

So I deleted from the PSA these two wrong requests puting them red status.

But this morning I manually loaded datas in the PSA then DSO with the infopackage, and the PSA recovers less than the 1.000.000 records !! (80.000 records !).

Where are my 1.000.000 records ???

My problem is to get all the 1.000.000 (and more) records in the PSA !! (and the DSO) !!

Can you help me please ??

Points will be assigned !