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Abap Report exection depending on the no of rows in excel sheet.

Oct 25, 2016 at 10:23 AM


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I have one report-1 and one excel sheet where data is there (eg:- several rows) Now my report-1 executes perfectly for one row of sheet . My requirement is that I want to run that report-1 for all rows of excel . So for that I want to execute report-1 from report-2 for all rows of excel sheet . How to achieve this?

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"Executes perfectly" but where? Are you triggering an SAP report from Excel? If so then how do you do that exactly? Do you start a report from SAP GUI? Then how exactly is it connected to Excel?

Please add more details so that this question could be answered intelligently.

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2 Answers

Anurag Mohapatra Apr 18 at 03:23 PM


If report-1 is a custom report, then i don't think there is any need for another report. After converting the excel data into an internal table you can loop in that internal table and write the logic of your program inside it.

If you want to call report-1 from another report then you can use SUBMIT <report-1> AND RETURN. But then you have to think of a way to pass values to report-1 as well. So better to do it in a single program.

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ROBERTO Forti Santos Apr 18 at 04:04 PM

Hi Manali,

1. Consider calling function module 'ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE' to get excel data into internal table and read (Loop) it.

2. Below SAP documentation to help you working with submit.


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