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Jun 06, 2008 at 08:32 AM

R/3 to APO data transfer



Kindly help me on this one. I created an integration model for the master data (material, plant, atp) and activated it. i set up the master data change to immediate transfer. I tested it and it worked. then i created a IM for the transactional data (stock) and encountered no error in the queue. Then i simualted a PR to GR to increase the stock, in R/3 automatically stock increased however, in APO no change in stock. another IM for the planned orders, PR and PO (no error). initiated a heuristic, APO created PR's (PR's also can be seen in R/3). converted the PR to PO (reflected both in R/3 and APO). then transacted GR for the PO (R/3 - PO was deleted and stock increased, in APO - PO still there and stock no increase). I checked with the basis team, they said RFC's are working well. I checked the configuration for the CIF, its also ok. Please help me resolve this. Reward points will be given accordingly.