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Jan 31, 2018 at 03:21 PM

Welcome popup in Fiori Launchpad


Hi @ all,

I am quite new to Fiori & SAPUI5 and I've read this blog regarding the creation of a simple welcome popup in the fiori launchpad:

Following this guide I was able to create an example in the SAP Cloud Platform via SAP Web IDE. Also, I could successfully test it in the portal application. Now, I would like to add the popupup window to my local system (solution manager 7.2). I've uploaded the z-component with the corresponding files. Within the Fiori Designer I also created a target mapping of type "Shell" reffering to the z-component/icf service in my fiori catalog. But when I start the launchpad, the popup is not displayed.

What am I missing?

Regards, Richard