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DestinationAccessException: when calling the BusinessPartner Servlet - Blog 4 on Cloud Foundry

Feb 03 at 01:33 PM


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I'm working on blog number four.

I am trying to access an oData service from an onPrem environment via the Cloud Connector via the BusinessPartnerServlet.

  • I have connected a CC against my CF trial instance
  • Creating a Connectivity Service on CF A destination service (ERPQueryEndpoint) created on CF connected to the virtual host of the CC and tested -> OK
  • Both are bound to the JavaApp.

The Hello World example from blog 3 works.

When calling the BussinessPartnerServlet, the following error message appears:

There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500).
DestinationAccessException: Failed to get destinations: java. util. concurrent. ExecutionException: Observable onError. 

What does this error message mean?

  1. The destination cannot be called from the app?
  2. Something goes wrong on the backend?

I would like to use this call as an exercise in a customer training on cloud platform. Every help is welcome

best regards Peter

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1 Answer

Alexander Duemont
Feb 19 at 09:27 AM

Dear Peter,

The DestinationAccessor is a component of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK. It is failing to resolve the destination properties (e.g. URL) at runtime when deployed to Cloud Foundry. This usually is a sign, that a Destination Service instance is not yet bound to the application instance. Please note, not a single request has been sent against the CC/ERP yet. This is most likely a setup issue on Cloud Foundry.

You can find an elaborate tutorial for setting up connectivity between a Cloud Foundry application and an OnPremise system, by following the steps of the Blog Post S/4HANA Connectivity – Made Simple.

I have created an internal ticket to improve the error message.

Best regards


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