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Jun 05, 2008 at 04:27 PM

what are the differnet type of tables in mdm ?


hi experts i am new to mdm. just i have refered some documents in that the have created some table and fileds ,taxnomy,lokups,.......

so can any one give me the bref ida on

what is mdm ?

what are the different type of tables in mdm ? What is the requirement for the selection of table?

what is a feld ? what are the diff type of fealds in mdm ? And requriement ?

what is taxnomay ? And Requriement or where or when we can use ?

what is lookups in mdm ? what is lookup tables in mdm ?

what is mdm console ?

what is mdm data manager. ?

what is mdm import manager ?

what is mdm syndicator ?


please any body answer this questions .