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Former Member
Jun 05, 2008 at 02:07 PM

Please see this select statement and suggest. Thank You


Dear Members,

Can you please clear me this doubt regarding inbound IDoc.

There is a program RBDAPP01 (Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer.

There is a select statement in this program.

SELECT * FROM edidc INTO TABLE t_idoc_control_r

WHERE ( status = c_status_in_ready_post OR

status = c_idoc_status_postponed )

AND status IN status

AND docnum IN docnum

AND mestyp IN mestyp

AND mescod IN mescod

AND mesfct IN mesfct

AND sndprt IN sndprt

AND sndprn IN sndprn

AND sndpfc IN sndpfc

AND credat IN credat

AND cretim IN cretim

AND test IN test.

In where condition, I see that 'Status' field is used 2 times.

Why it is used like that.

This select statement is selecting only IDOC in 64 and 66 status only. Am I right ??

My second question is .

What will happen to IDOC which are in other status, I am particularly interested in. IDoc which are in 69 status.

please clear me these doubts, Thank you.