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Retransfer confirmations in CAT9 after error

Feb 02 at 11:06 AM


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Hello Experts,

Users in my company in CAT2 enter confirmations in the future. CAT2 allows to save it. During processing of CAT9 the error appears with the message RU043 "Posting date must not be in the future" and confirmations are not transfered. In consequence there are confirmations in CAT2 and CATS_DA, but there are no confirmations in IW47. Additionaly there are no confirmations to transfer in CAT9.

Is there any way to transfer such confirmations again? Most of them were entered in the past and now would be transfered without error RU043.

How to check which confirmations were not transfered?



cats | cat2 | cat9 | iw47
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Peter Atkin Feb 02 at 01:58 PM

Typically speaking we do not create confirmations in the future via IW41.

However, if you change the IW41 parameters (can be defalted in ccustomising via TCode OIOR), then you will be able to post future confirmations.

Also check the IW46 Error Pool to see if the failed confrmations are there for reporocessing.


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IW46 is what I needed. I can by selecting lines and F2 (choose) go to IW44 and process all confirmation from the past. Thank you very much!