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Jun 05, 2008 at 12:00 PM

** BPM Error - Msg has error status on oubound side


Hi Friends,

I am doing BPM scenario. (Receive Step --> Transformation Step --> In Block (For each) Synchronous Send Step ). That's all BPM design.

We have created Server prox (inbound Proxy) in ABAP, it receives PO details and return Sales order no. Coding has been written inside Proxy. If we test Proxy in ABAP, it is working fine.

The required PO data we pass from JDBC. Receive step receives the whole message (It may contain 1 or more PO). In Transformation step, we split message using multiline checkbox( One message per 1 PO).

Message is processed successfully upto this step. In the Synchronous send step, it throws an error.

In SXMB_MONI, 3 messages are generated. In the first message itself, in the outbound status column 'Red Flag' is coming, (but processed successfully). The error is 'Message has error Status on outbound side'. Inside the message 'PE' adapter is in grey color.

So, what could be the problem ..?

Kindly reply, friends.

Kind Regards,

Jegatheeswaran P.