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Manual discount condition configured to be negative but appearing positive

Feb 02 at 04:23 AM


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HI Guys,

I have an issue where in there are 1000's of sales orders created with this condition type "Agent Commission" which is configured to be negative. But there are 1 or 2 rare cases wherein its appearing as a positive % value & the user is unable to change it back to negative as well... Could you please suggest how can I proceed to resolve or analyse this?

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can you post the screen shot of the condition type.

Siva Prasad Vasireddy

HI Siva,

I cannot take screenshots since im not authorized to do so.

However, the condition type has the following values:

1. Discount/Surcharge, Calc. type: Percentage, Plus/minus: X (Negative), Manual Entry has priority, Header condition, Item condition, Amount/percent, Calculation type



you need to check what is the default value(+ or -) when you create a sales order,if it is negative,then the users might be changing the default negative to +ve while creating the sales order

Siva Prasad Vasireddy

The condition type has already been configured as "Negative". So by default if you enter any value it takes it up as a negative value itself. As i mentioned, this is rare case where the value is positive. Also, the orders are coming from a third party interface but the values are all correct in the third party interface as well.



my question is there any manual changes in the sales order by any user once it gets updated to sap from third party interface.


Hi Siva.

Thank you for your help.

This was a third party interface issue.

Thanks for your help

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