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how to automatically populate dynamic prompts values in a report and print report

Feb 01 at 05:03 PM


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Hi Experts

I have created a Crystal report based on a Bex query to fill out tax form T2200, when I enter a year inn prompts query fetched all data available for year entered, I created a parameter in Crystal report for employee and in record expert I provided Employee parameter to select employees, when crystal report is refreshed two prompts appear one for year selection and other to select employee from Dynamic list of employees

when an employee is selected from the list then report is filled with relevant data on the T2200 form for the employee selected.

But client do not want it this way , client is asking to print form for all employees automatically by selecting all employee one by one and print report for each employee automatically.

I am very new to Crystal report, Can someone please help me to fulfill client's need, I would really appreciate any help provided

Please help



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2 Answers

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Ido Millet Feb 01 at 11:11 PM

Remove the Employee parameter,
Group by Employee at level 1,
Set each Group level 1 to start on a new page,
and print.

If you need each employee to be a separate print job, or a separate file export/email, there are report bursting tools that allow you to that as well.

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Hi Ido

Thank you so much for your prompt response, I followed your suggestion, It is now working as per client needs

Thanks a lot , Really Appreciate it



Vitaly Izmaylov
Feb 01 at 10:09 PM

One of the options:

1. Create a report connected to the list of employees

2. Add your original report as a subreport to the Details section of the report created in Step 1

3. Link the subreport with the Employee parameter

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