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Jun 05, 2008 at 08:02 AM

** How do we write code in the Sync Proxy itself ?


Hi friends,

We have created one Synchronous Interface (Outbound, Synchronous). We have created proxy for the same in ABAP. We want to call this proxy from our BPM Synchronous Send Step. For that purpose, we have to write code inside the Synchronous Proxy. This proxy is having 2 parameters: OUTPUT (importing), INPUT (exporting). When we click the code button for the method 'EXECUTE_SYNCHRONOUS', the system displays a message 'You cannot edit Proxy objects'.


The entered class is a generic proxy type. These proxy types cannot be processed using the Class Builder, but using the transaction SPROXY.

We aret trying to write code thru SPROXY only.

So, what could be the problem ? How do we write code for this Sync Proxy.

Kindly tell me, friends,

Kind Regards,

Jeg P.