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CR VS SP 21 - Problem with PrintOutputController corrected in SP 22

Feb 01 at 01:56 PM


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We detected a bug with the Viewer when its PrintMode was set to PrintOutputController. When printing from the Viewer to the printer, the left and top margins were shifted to the left and top (see second part below):


PrintToPrinter worked fine in SP21.

After installing SP22 everything is working fine.

But I can't find any fixed issue (on your side) with this correction. Did you forgot to mention this incident?


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2 Answers

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Don Williams
Feb 01 at 06:32 PM

Hi Patrick,

R&D does not list all fixes they may find when testing various parts in their QA cycles. Only ones listed in the Fixed issues doc are the ones reported by customers.

Good to know they resolved that issue...



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Patrick Simons Feb 02 at 07:39 AM

Thanks Don for the clarification.

Nevertheless it would be desirable to list also the "critical" bug fixes that were not reported by customers....

Perhaps you have good connections to R&D.


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I'm the Nexus for CR for VS so I work with R&D daily.

It's kind of like asking R&D to list all Products not support by CR for VS, kind of a waste of time, better to focus on the bugs reported by users... If they fix something not reported then it's a bonus... And this product can be linked to BOE .NET so sometimes they make change to the code, some are good and some are bad...