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Jun 05, 2008 at 07:42 AM

How can I create a redirect to an URL like in SICF?



we offer the payroll ( / in our portal which is a Java-WD. Whenever we import a modified version of the corresponding HRFORM into the P-system the application aborts with an error because the HRFORM has to be generated first after the import.

I wanted to get rid of this problem by using the SICF where you can define a redirect to an URL (I wantet to switch to a "service is under construction"-WD). Unfortunately the SICF can only be used for WD4ABAP-services as I know - not for Java.

Has anybody an idea how to solve my problem? I want to switch to a "service is under construction"-WD whenever there's an abort while processing the payroll application.

We don't have any Java skill.