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Jun 05, 2008 at 07:10 AM

How to giv diff varible values for all the queries in a Workbook?


Hello BI Gurus,

I have an issue with the variable in a the workbook,

I have a workbook in which 4 queries are inserted in the same sheet one below the other and all these queries has same hierarchy variable (same technical name). In all these queries uses different hierarchies but same selection variable.

Now the issue is , when I refresh the workbook the first queryu2019s variable pops up selection option for the hier variable and when I enter the value this first query runs fine but it carries the same value to another query and fails as the 2nd query uses diff hier.

All I need is, is there any way by which these queries pop up selection screen separately for every query in workbook?

Thanks a lot..! have a great day!