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PO 7.5 - NWDS Java EE 5 Libraries - error

Feb 01 at 12:22 PM


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Dear experts,

We are on PO 7.5, SP8, Patch level 0 (1000. and I am using NWDS 7.50 to develop an adapter module.
I followed this blog

After creating the project I get an error in the Build path - the JAR files
are missing.

Please see the attached picture.

The files of the "SAP Java EE 5 Libraries" should be contained in the NWDS I thought.
Also in the file system of PO 7.5 we can't find these files.

Why do I need the Java EE 5 Libraries when I create the EJB Project with EJB module verison 3.0 and "Decault Configuration
for SAP Libraries"?

Please advice - thank you,

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I just downloaded "Java EE SDK 5 Update 2 No JDK" and installed it hoping I would find the missing JARs but no success.

Does anyone know where to get these JAR files?

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2 Answers

Milen Dontcheff
Feb 08 at 09:55 AM

Dear Mr. Wallner,

In case indeed you "are on PO 7.5, SP8, Patch level 0 (1000. and I am using NWDS 7.50 to develop an adapter module", then you have to use SAPJVM8 . Please refer to this SAP KBA for more details on the necessary configuration.

2546316 - NWDS: use a JDK as JVM instead of a JRE


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Dear Mr Dontcheff,

Sorry for my very late reply. I managed to install SAPJVM8 and I set the .ini file entry.

Still, the SAP Java EE 5 libraries give me the same error as in my original screenshot. Now I am trying to update my NWDS: it looks like there is no update URL available for NWDS 7.5 anymore ( This is a pity.

I have NWDS 7.5, SP7. Now I downloaded "NWCEIDE08_0-80002366.ZIP" from the download center. But when I unzip it there is no .exe file in the "eclipse" folder.

Would you know how I can use my ZIP file to update my NWDS 7.5, SP7?

Thank you again for your help,


Dear Mr. Wallner,

in case indeed SAPJVM8 is installed and the eclipse.ini is configured correctly, it will be possible to select SAPJVM8 as a build library in the Build. Please see my reply (from 22th of March 2018 2:33 AM) in this forum thread:



It is strange: in my original screenshot there are these 2 JAR files shown as "missing" in the Build Path. But when I go into the folder they are there.

2filesarethere.png (12.6 kB)

I found the error: in my original screenshot you can see it looks in folder:

C:\Program Files\SAP\NWDS_7.5\eclipse\plugins\\DesigntimeAPIs

It should not look in ".jar" - how can I correct this as it is an "SAP Library" and I can't edit it.

Peter Wallner May 04 at 10:58 AM

Dear Mr Dontcheff,

I followed your adivce and I went through all settings again.

User environment variables:

JAVA_HOME C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\sapJVM_8.1-80000211\sapjvm_8

eclipse.ini - file
C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/sapJVM_8.1-80000211/sapjvm_8/bin

NWDS 7.5 - Installed JREs

But when I create a new EJB project for an Adapter module with "EJB module version": "3.0", I still get the same error:

Why is it using JRE 1.6 instead of the SAPJVM 8.1?
Why is it not finding these 2 jar files within the SAP Java EE 5 Libraries?

I have to say that I am on Windows 8.1 - maybe that is really the issue.

As an alternative, can I still create a "EJB module version": 2.1 and deploy it on SAP PO 7.5? It should work I suppose.

Thank you again for your help,


installed-jres.png (18.5 kB)
error.png (153.3 kB)
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