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How to get sales data part number wise for a given range of dates?

Feb 01 at 06:36 AM


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Normal we know 2 ways of getting this data, But I have specific reason to not use this because...

1. T code : MCSI : The outcome of this is always contains all kinds of invocies like commercial invoice, supplementary invoice & debit/credit invoice.

2. in MB51 looking at 601-602 movements : This take lot of time when you have more than 1000+ Finished goods & if you want to see 1 month data!!

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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Feb 01 at 06:36 AM

Do you have any challenge in trying standard tcodes like MCTC, MC+Q ?

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Both does not give range from -> to date.

Period to analysis is restricted to weeks.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Feb 01 at 04:47 PM

"Sales data" definition can vary greatly based on the organization or even department. E.g. you've already mentioned "invoices" and those are billing, not sales, documents.

When you get a clear definition then you'll find an answer. Quite likely a simple query could provide this kind of information. Also similar questions have been asked on SCN before, make sure to search.

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You are right, Rather than "sales" I should have used "billing".

Can you please recommend some options rather than checking in MB51?


Options for what? What are you looking for exactly? There is no sales or billing data in MB51, those are good movements. I'm confused - how this is related?


As per my knowledge outcome of 601-602 movement type in MB51 is the billing what we done made for customers.

If you can understand this, then my question is, the time taken for 601-602 output is much higher for large date range! so my requirement is, is there any other "t codes" where in I can save time


Have you not found VF05N / VF05 ??


I feel like we are going in circles... Could you just tell us what data are you looking for specifically? I'm very much confused why would anyone even start looking at the goods movement documents to get any sales or billing data. Standard report for sales is VA05, that's pretty much VBAK/VBAP table. Then if there is a delivery involved there are LIKP/LIPS table. When you do PGI it creates GM documents (MKPF/MSEG), which you can see in MB51. Those do not contain any sales or billing data (other than possibly duplicating some values that can be also found in other tables).

You can see here we haven't even come to billing yet and GM documents are already created. So if you use them as "billing data" that would be terribly wrong. When billing documents are created, they can be viewed in VF05, as G Lakshmipathi correctly noted. That would be VBRP/VBRK table. (You can find a PDF with all the tables if you google "SAP table list PDF".)

With all this in mind, I repeat the question - what are you looking for exactly? I'm sorry but we can't answer the question when you're not telling us what exactly the question is.