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Jun 04, 2008 at 07:46 PM

value mapping from a combined source field to LookUp[Qualflat](multival)



I am unable to do value mapping (unable to add the source value) from a source field which is a combination of 3 source field to a Multivalued Qualified field on the main table.

This is my scenario.

Initial Source file structure prior to partitioning:

Field / Value

Name / Test

Sales / 00

Division /100

District /AA

Source File After combining using partitioning:

Field / Value

Name / Test

Sales [[partition]] - I combined Sales,name,division on this field/ 00;Test;100

Division /100

District/ AA

Destination Field on the main table (Lookup [Qualified Flat](multi valued)

Field Level - Sales Area<Sales;Name;Division>

Already Existing Value Level - NULL Sales; NULL Name;NULL Division

I am unable to add the value mapping from the combined source field to multivalued qualified destination field.

Any Help!!!