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Jun 04, 2008 at 07:27 PM

Free Import Items



If we want procure free import items how we will configure it in SAP?

Basic cost of Item = Zero

Assessable value for custom= Rs 100 (not to be inventorized, only for custom calculation)

BED= 10% of assessable value( to be inventorized)

CVD= 14%, CESS= 2% on CVD, SHCess= 1% on CVD

CESS on Total Duty= 2% , SHCess on Ttoal Duty= 1% (to be inventorized)

AED= 4%

If we put basic cost as Rs 0.01 all calculation will be done based on this which is wrong.

How to handle this situation ?

Can we handle by writing any routine ?

All companies might be receiving free import items.


sai krishna