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Jun 04, 2008 at 04:20 PM

Creating an offline PDF template for upload and submit


Hi Gurus,

I'm very new to Adobe Interactive forms and will need your advise.

From the tutorials, when we create a offline PDF application that can upload a PDF for submission, we were always given the sample template PDF file provided by the tutorial. (travelrequest.pdf)

Now I need to create my own offline PDF template by myself so I can integrate to my WD program to include uploading the offline PDF template and submitting to backend.

the offline PDF must be editable and save via acrobat reader.

Any further notes or documentations that I can follow up to? Cos most of the doc I found doesn't teach me how to go about creating the PDF template for offline use in the first place...only the backend and WD integration which I already know.

Please help! Thanks!

ps: points will be generously awarded to answers.