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Hybris Marketing Cloud - Content Studio and Email Placeholders

Jan 31 at 04:05 PM


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There appears to be a bit of a gap with the email templates in that they are not responsive to the content of an interaction. What I mean by this is that a customer could be looking at a product on a website/commerce platform and add it to basket (thus creating an interaction). The customer then fails to fulfil their basket for whatever reason. The functionality in Hybris Marketing cannot cope with this and send an email with a picture/text of the specific product. Is there another way round this using a BADI?

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2 Answers

Kunal Kumar Bansal
Feb 01 at 03:55 AM

Dear Mike,

Have you checked these contents:

  1. Interactions
  2. Interaction Types => SHOP_CART_ABANDONED

I hope this will give an idea!


Kunal Bansal

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Hi thats fine in terms of the Interaction Type for the Trigger, but my question is around how would you default in the product that the user was looking at in the webshop into the email. e.g. Log back in to complete your purchase of "Product 1".



Hi Mike,

When creating the interaction for Shopping Cart Abandoned you can also send the product relevant details in the interaction itself. You can then try to use the product from this interaction and customize the email content.

You can check this link, hope it helps.



Jana Wuerth
Feb 05 at 10:05 AM

Hello Mike,

the scenario described by you can be achieved with the interaction type mentioned by Kunal Bansal above and a trigger based campaign. The trigger based campaign scenario is described in detail here. Also there is blog describing how to execute this scenario in Hybris Marketing Cloud.

Kind regards,

Jana Wuerth

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