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Jan 31, 2018 at 03:14 PM

Convert ABAP data to JSON with camelCase Names.


Hi all,

I'm looking to find the simplest method to take ABAP table data in SAP and format it into a json payload that apparently only accepts a variantion of camel case names. Examples being load, referenceNumbers, addressLine, etc.

Before I was aware of this restriction I created an abap structure with nested table types and used 'call transformation id' with a cl_sxml_string_writer created for json. This works fine other than all the structure fields are stored in uppercase so the json comes out that way. I could potentially do a find and replace on every field, but this seems like a poor solution. I've also read posts to the effect of using simple transformations, but I'm not very familiar with those and am having difficultly understanding how this would be helpful/implemented.

If anyone is willing to nudge me in right direction I would greatly appreciate it.