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Jun 04, 2008 at 01:08 PM



Hi Experts,

I do have a doubt in processing a single vendor invoice through multiple banks. Please go through the below mentioned doubt and please give your expert opinion on the same.

There is only one invoice of Rs.1,00,000 outstanding in my vendor account. Now, I am having two banks and available balances and ranking are set as below in FBZP.

Bank Avaialble Amt Rank

HDFC 50,000 1

ICICI 50,000 2

Now, as I mentioned already, I had done all the necessary basic configuration in FBZP. Now, when I ran the APP, the system is not processing. It seems that the system is checking both the individual banks in order of preference, but since none of them have sufficient amount, it is refusing to process. Where as the normal process is, the system should take Rs.50,000 from HDFC and then it should go to the next bank that is ICICI and shoud take Rs50,000, but this is not happening. In a normal scenario, the entry will be as below:

Vendor A/c Dr.1,00,000

To HDFC Bank A/c Cr.50,000

To ICICI Bank A/c Cr.50,000

I hope, I have expressed my doubt now in a clear manner. Request you to please give your specific guidance/any configuration that needs to be done in FBZP.