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How i Earned the points.

Oct 25, 2016 at 09:03 AM


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Need Small information.
I got Some Karma points, may i know how i got the points.How Could i See.

Sorry if any body were already raised the question.

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Kaushik Debnath Oct 25, 2016 at 09:30 AM

My dear Friend,

Right now Karma Points History feature is now yet given in the new SCN. As per the official communication, The Karma points get credited as per the below,

So to see the above details, you can also click on the Karma Points that you received. However me & our friends are having a discussion in the SAP Idea Place. So, you can keep an eye on that or up-vote to support, if you like. Check how many Up-vote, you got on your previous answers that you posted on others Questions. Here Up-vote resembles what we used to get in the old SCN Mark as Helpful. Here the difference is that not only the person who posted the Question can only vote, but others can too.



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If i get Down vote, should my points Reduced, Or Is moderator is going to Show Red color Card For eliminating from the

Hope you understood.


Kaushik Debnath

No need to copy paste from other source. Just share the link


Yes Lakshimipathi , I first thought of doing so, but understanding that the user is asking the type of question, it might become difficult which becomes for many users(i do not know much how easy you are finding though) & so only I posted, so that he gets to understand quickly without a moment delay or going elsewhere to understand it better.

No NewB, You can already see that my moderator friend has visited 7 commented on this page. So, hopefully you can understand till now that for putting in Using, no one gets bullied or else you would have received something notifications for that. For the Down-vote there is no official acknowledgement from SCN Admin side. But I can easily see ups & downs very often. This matter, me & my friends are also discussing in

like I mentioned in the earlier post.



Jeremy Good
Oct 25, 2016 at 10:24 AM

I also had the same assumption after seeing my points total drop, but have confirmed that negative down votes on an answer do not impact your karma points. Here is also some help:

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