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Submit a custom prog. from standard program

Feb 01 at 04:29 AM


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I have a custom report program, wherein its creating a outbound delivery, this prog. doesn't have any COMMIT WORK statements, but has ALV log output

I want to SUBMIT this custom program from one of the BADI of MIGO transaction

Pl. let us know is it OK to SUBMIT a custom report prog. from standard MIGO's BADI?

Thank you

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Have you tried it? What happened?

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business requirement has been cancelled because of budget issues

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2 Answers

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Sandra Rossi Feb 01 at 06:29 AM

If you display anything, SAP does a rollout of the external session, which triggers an implicit database commit (not a commit work).

If you had a COMMIT WORK in your program, that wouldn't change anything. It wouldn't impact the processing of the MIGO (I mean, nothing more than the implicit database commit), because SUBMIT starts a new SAP LUW so anything submitted by MIGO to the update task in its own SAP LUW will not be started by this COMMIT WORK in the other SAP LUW.

But you didn't tell us which BAdI it was, and which method, so it's difficult to tell you whether the implicit database commit is fine at an undefined moment.

PS: you may do an SQL trace (ST05) to check whether there were some updates before your implicit database commit.

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Kiran K Feb 01 at 08:22 AM


Is MIGO's final output anyway dependent on your Custom Program ?

If not, then instead of SUBMIT how about raising an EVENT and let that event schedule your Custom Program as a Job.

Do you see any problem with this approach ?


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I'm guessing they want to show ALV on screen in MIGO. Rather curious about a business case here...