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how to migrate Business Object Enterprise XI to latest version

Jan 31 at 11:08 PM


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Newbie here. There is a plan to decommission our existing reporting server so I was tasked to migrate this to a new server.

Currently we are using Business Object Enterprise 11.5.10. I was looking what the latest version for this but it seems this has been repackage to a new name. I downloaded Crystal Server 2016. Is this the correct package?

If this is the correct one, what do I need to consider for this migration. I will be using the same CMS database.

Is there a guide on how to properly migrate to the latest version?

I have tried installing Crystal 2016 and used the CMS database but I am not able to list the our Crystal reports. Not sure if I just missed something or if there are other steps that needs to done or if there is a different package that I need.

Appreciate any help on this.


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2 Answers

Joe Peters Feb 01 at 12:38 AM

BusinessObjects 11.5 is version XIr2. That's really old. The newest version of that product is BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2, or BI4.2 for short. (Crystal Server is a stripped-down version of BI Platform).

You can upgrade from XIr2 to BI4.2, provided you are on at least Service Pack 2. See here for more info.


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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info.

What we want is just to have the existing schedules and the corresponding reports run on the new server. We dont need the other functionalities of BI4.2, hence I thought of installing Crystal Server 2016 only.

Would this be sufficient or do I still need to install BI4.2?


Dante, Crystal Server can only run Crystal reports, if you're using Deski or Webi reports - you can't use Crystal.

Everything you are asking is extensively documented practically everywhere.
Please do search before asking basic questions.

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Thanks Denis for the reply.

Actually the reason why I am asking these basic questions is that I am currently troubleshooting the migration that I did. I am aware that I only need Crystal Server if I am only after the Crystal reports.

Problem is that for some reason, even if I have configured the OBDC to point to the same DB as the old one (or from the copy of the DB), I am still not able to list the objects in CMS. Not sure if I need other components from the BI package to get this working. DB test connection is successful.

My apology as I am new to BI and Crystal.


What all servers you see in CMC? Other than crystal servers?

Ajay Gupta Feb 01 at 01:45 AM


You will need to migrate the content to BOE XI 3.1.7 SP4 or better and then finally to BI 4.2, see below



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Ajay, that diagram indicates a direct path from XIr2 to BI4.2; no intermediate stop in XI3.