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Former Member
Jun 04, 2008 at 08:26 AM

O SDN, where art thou?


I don' know how you feel about that matter, but to me it seems SDNs quality has decreased significantly over the last 18 - 24 months. Not only to name the point hunters, forums with stupid - because not searching before asking - questioners and blogs with the zero-content-or-information contributions.

Its the whole platform with its exploding member numbers, content and complexity - there' s a forum for nearly every little ****, but if you' ve got a serious question that' s not easy to google or look up in the help, nobody will answer. There are at least half a dozen blogs being published every day, but the one' s being truly informative, well prepared and designed can within a month be counted on one hand. You can format each posting like a medieval bible, but most content isn' t even worth Arial 10 plain.

The whole mess started with SAP being eager to draw everybody into its new community - anonymous access, temporary accounts a.s.o. - just to increase the membership counters.

I long for the time of my first visits in SDNs Web Dynpro area 3 years or so ago, when the answers you got where well thought out and the search for similar problems didn' t take 3 hours because everybody else looked up before asking, too.

I feel like this network is dying off in the same extent as it is growing!