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BI4 WebI - Relative Date Function

Jan 31 at 10:10 AM


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Hi everyone,

I work on BI4 WebI.

As you can see on the screen, I have to calcul "Date Updated". To do this, I have to take the Date Begin (which is extract by a date on the filters on the right) and take off the number present in the filter : "Nombre à décaler".

I found that the formule have to use RelativeDate.

1) First, I tried to do this :

=DateRelative([Request 1].[Date begin];RéponseUtilisateur([Request 1];"Nombre à décaler")) But an error is returned.

2) Then I tried to insert
=RéponseUtilisateur([Request 1];"Nombre à décaler") in a variable. It doesn't work too.

Does an other formul exist to solve this case?

Thanks by advance


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1 Answer

Feb 01 at 11:58 AM

try with these steps.change function name accroding to your langaue.

Var 1=tonumber(userresponse("Nombre à décaler"))

=RelativeDate([Request 1].[Date begin];[Var 1])

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I tried this way too but the result is the same date as Date Begin :

The attribute "Nombre à décaler" correspond to Number Null . This is the only attribute I can use for this kind of functionality. I don't know if the problem can arise from this.

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what is the values selected in the prompt "Nombre à décaler" ?

is it null or any value there?


The values integrated in the prompt are numbers.

This prompt have to be completed and only one value can be integrated.

I spoke about Number Null as the Univer's attribute used to be for this prompt.

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are yo getting 2 with the below variable?

Var 1=tonumber(userresponse("Nombre à décaler"))


No, the result is 0 ...

But I have 2 with this variable :

Var1 = userresponse("Nombre à décaler")